Wednesday, March 5, 2014


She was blessed from God, her story~ of how she came into my life was really amazing and have blessed me with so much joy and happiness, for all the years that she have been with me. Many million thanks to her, my little angel Loke Loke. She have touches my life, so deeply in many areas and so unforgettable.


One beautiful Wednesday afternoon_ on the 29th 0f April 2009, my story with Loke Loke began and is all God's will.

I have an appointment with my committee manager that day, i decided to have lunch at a cafe near by my house, as a farewell goodbye treat from me and gratitude to him. It was so unexplainable of how my stirring wheel turn to another route, my hand seems to be control by another forces and I still remember I asked myself what am i doing? "this is not the road  i wanted to take, i should not turn left but drive straight what happened to me?" i asked myself (something have took control over my hand and wheel, this is reality, from that day onwards i believe angel is true)
Since i have took another way i did not turn back instead i just drive. Not far after, i saw a little beige color dog walked like a supreme general! step by step, no rush at all,in the middle of  the road!.
Immediately, i doubled signal my car and lifted my hand out the window to informed cars behind to slow down..went down to rush the little doggy to the side and she immediately run to the trees on the side of the road pavement. Then me and all the rest of the car behind start our driving again. Later not far after driving, my car have to stopped as the traffic light have turned red. I take a close looked at the front mirror in my car and saw the little dog walked out to the centre of the road again, not far behind my car~steadily walking in the centre of the road ahead without fear or rush.
My heart just cant wait for another chance, but to save this little dog from death or from any accident that may take place on the road. I turned my stirring 180 % back and pulled my handbrake, went down from my car and there is a guy(Chinese man) he drove a motor bike offering help to me and this time i squatted down calling out "good girl good girl good girl come here". She (my little angel) came right to me with the most tremendous smile on her face. Immediately, i have to call the manager on cell phone to cancelled the appointment with him as this little angel is in my hand now. She (my beautiful girl) was so dehydrated, extremely skinny and smelly, i need to open up all the windows in my car to let out the smelly odour from her body..sound scary? indeed it is~ very severe skin fungus and bad odour.
My girl friend called me to have a bite with her at a food stall soon after i saved the little dog (my beautiful girl) and spend about an hour there while little dog (little poor angel) is inside my car, still remember my whole car smell! hahaha...then after lunch with my girl friend i asked her whether she is interested in  having the little dog? because i already have Zoe (my first little angel) and my friend responded to me "no! my house have no rice grain  for her" (in mandarin)~I felt something in my heart, the way she used her words ~ i know she is financially good. "Opp is OK" i replied and later I drove to the vet near by to get a big bottle of shampoo for her (my new Little angel), gave her a good hard shower at home but did not help at as all as the smell is still there! then i cooked some lamp and carrot with rice to feed her and she eat little by little and drink some water. I am extremely tired that day, but there is an unexplainable sense of happiness inside me, at that particular moment of my life.

So finally i realised that God have an appointment with me, on that particular day and is all God's will. HE gave me a beautiful gift with unmeasurable love dated on the 29th, April,2009 in one beautiful early sunny afternoon (My beautiful girl Loke Loke).

Still remember how little Zoe bark at Loke Loke, on the first day non stop, then i told Zoe this " she is very pitiful and no one to love her, we let her stay with us and Zoe you have a sister now'', Zoe immediately stop barking (which i will never forget how Zoe responded) and start looking at Loke Loke all over. She never bark at her again ever since she heard my explanation to her and this respond from her really touches my heart. My Zoe indeed have a wonderful heart and i love her very much for her understanding.

~ *Loke Loke came to my life and the meaning behind her Name*~

Zoe (my first dog), she is my little angel and joy of the family for almost two years at that point of time. She is a wonderful girl God have first blessed into my life. But the little problem she have is jealousy, when i brought Loke Loke home even on the first day. (It took Zoe a year, whole one year before she accepted Loke Loke and begin to play with her slowly). Ever since Loke Loke came into my life, Loke Loke have learned to adapt to a total new environment and life style not forgotten also Zoe jealousy and with me the new master to her, I still remember i softly told her this on the first day when i brought her back to our home, her sparkled pair of eye glared at me and then i told her softly and clearly...
" I don't know about your past and it doesn't matter, whatever it is i accepted you as you are. I promised you, i will never abandoned you no matter what and i will take good care of you forever as long as i live.''..this promised to Loke Loke i have firmly kept it inside my heart. Thinking back now, makes me tears...

I started to think and think a best name for my little angel, soon two days after she came into my life. I can sense she is not happy in the past whatever past only God knows, what happen and why she is in such a bad condition. She weight 3kg, very skinny just skin and bone hmmm so sad, can never forget that looked, so i assumed she may not have a comfortable environment in the past. I decided to give her happiness and care, so "hei Loke", meaning happiness in Cantonese (Chinese dialect ) but I am a hakka and in hakka dialect onn Loke meaning comfortable life. So she is named Loke Loke, she became my beloved beautiful girl from that day. 

Next couple of days later, I took her to the vet for skin checked up but her skin looked pretty fine but very very smelly. The vet doctor gave Loke Loke a vaccination for the skin odour fungus and also completed an antibody vaccine.All these skin vaccination cost about RM 200 and yet all useless! no improvement whatsoever even after two weeks. Benny suggested to bring her to Desaru beach as he assumed to me that salt water kills all bacteria, so we proceeded on one sunny Sunday morning to the Desaru beach. Zoe came a long ...she have a good time but not close to Loke Loke, Benny scrap Loke Loke whole body with the underneath sand and water from the sea. Miraculously, she is cured! smell so clean and good! from that day onwards the bad smell just gone with the sea. Thanks to Benny, for God have given him this s wisdom.
Still remember in the first three days she did not poo poo at all and this really worried me as she have eaten a lot of rice and lamp i cooked for the past three days "where all this gone?", i wondered what happen to her digestion system. Fortunately on the fourth day, early in the morning she finally pass out her first stool in her new home, which have really eased my worried that i have initially. The stool is all white in color as i still remember and contained some sand and very fine stone, she must have eaten that before we met (i felt sad inside, to know that she been through such desperate hunger and she have to eats sand and stone!).

  This picture was taken on the 2nd day, after i brought her home on the 30th April 2009_Loke Loke in my life.(so thin, bone just below the skin wonder for how long she did not eat, so smelly and really hard to bear,t o prevent her from running around   i tried several ways and method and she really don't like me keep her that  way but i have little choice, my beloved poor little girl at that time)

                                  Twelve days later on the 11th May 2009
                                           GAVE HER MY ASSURANCE and closeness


                                                11th May 2009 (12 days later)
                                      SO CURIOUS AND LISTENING TO MY LANGUAGE



13th May 2009~ 2 weeks
*SO SWEET her smile and beautiful eye* 
This picture of her is so cute! unique master  piece with her back leg open side way and the naughty face!
23rd, June 2009 ~ 1 month plus (Her hair have grown longer)
Surprised from my little angel in her first month of arrival!
 An intelligent way to signed her signature in my memory, which have created an unforgettable her from the beginning.. (God just knows how)
Loke Loke committed two surprise activity in the first month of arrival, which the two issue i can remember was the unbelievable and funny one,  really unforgettable.
One Sunday we went out to shop and when we came home in the afternoon, i saw on top of the dining table a big beautiful dog stool (master piece) was laying on top the dining table!(surprise me!) really mad at that moment, i assumed it was Zoe work as she is not that happy with Loke Loke, so probably is one of her way to let me know....opposing! sign i thought. Zoe got a smack on her butt that day from me and she yell and cried out loud my poor little girl. Then another time when i went out and came home surprised me with the same issue but this time i managed to witness who is the real culprit that commit such bad crime, obviously the answer is Loke Loke. She got a big smack on her butt and she ran to the door wanted to escape from the house scared of my loud voice.( she is very afraid of thunder and loud noise, which later i understand her better after few months) she managed to escaped out, then Benny rush out to bring her back again. From that day she never did this naughty act again, really amazed me. Thinking back about the whole issue_in fact  to think about it now, she is so funny and have brought much laughter to us at that moment of our life. Which only now i realised, what a smart way to signed her signature in my memory which have created an unforgettable her even from the beginning (tears..tears.).
The next unforgetable situation is in one beautiful morning, as usual when i woke up i will greet Zoe and Loke Loke "goooood morrrning'' and Zoe that morning came to me fast and quick as she afraid that Loke Loke will run to me faster then her, when Zoe managed to put her paws on my leg, Loke Loke so intelligent! she over took Zoe by snipped down under Zoe back leg to reached to me, this really surprised me. I told her '' you so smart and you play cheat, don't ever do that again'' i told Loke Loke that, she really never repeat it again from that day onwards (she is so obedient).
                          ~*Loke Loke and me*~
                       (Our Life together)
As usual we normally spend a lot of our time at home, when Benny out to worked in the early morning. Loke Loke, Zoe and me we have the whole day plan, (beside if i need to attend to committee issue at  the place where we stayed ( unfortunately,i was elected as a new treasurer, no experience at all, the management office which have so many insider problem and corruption issue took place in broad day light, (is a dark world when money is involved) long ago, and even now (I am no more in the committee), only God knows. All i can say, i gained a lot of experience back then,there are really many bad evil heart  which disguised like an honest creature, (women and men) this is all). So with all the stress i need to face at that point of time, i always felt tremendous recovery the moment when i step to my door from outside, my two little angel happily greeted me with excitement and joy! this is the best give ever from God to me (Thank you, Father). I always talked to my two angels whenever i have the opportunity and seems they understand everything. Because of some duties that i need to attend at the office, at times they miss out their meals. I felt bad for that most of the time when this happened and yet their (Zoe and Loke Loke) love to me remained unconditional despite my incomplete responsibility towards both of them. Sometimes i will purposely drove to the chicken store to buy some chicken liver for her knowing she love it so much, after my work from the office. Her hobby is travelling, walk and eat. The person she love most is me and she stayed by my side always whenever possible .
                                                               At home
 The way Zoe approached me ha ha ha, when I am in my computer room.Loke Loke always stand from a distance looking at me.
After everything settled down for her and time past by really fast year after years, Loke Loke always will wait for me to called out to her  ...everyday _faithfully. She doesn't want to upset Zoe i think, she always gave way to Zoe, sitting at one corner waiting for her turned, she wanted Zoe to have more time to be with me, i guess, (I love you, my little angel Loke Loke, you so thoughtful) especially when I am in my computer room. She always sit under the table looking at me or sit on the floor at the side of my chair. As usual, Zoe always like to sit on my lap whenever I am in my computer room, i felt bad sometimes for Loke once a while i will put her too on my lap, but Zoe will be so sad when i put her away from my lap, she will "geeeeerrrr" and when on the floor Zoe will looked up so sad.
  Zoe my little angel, love to sit on my lap since from baby. But not when I am on my sofa or other place, that is good as i could spend some time with Loke Loke.


                                                   Loke Loke looking at me



Just look at that eye~ melted my heart many times

 Zoe eye, she is not happy...when i put Loke Loke on my lap in the computer room
(Really a good shot of Zoe sad face)

When Loke Loke sat on my lap, Zoe looked so sad. So Zoe is the one will sit on my lap all the time, Loke Loke always sit down by my side when I am on my sofa for hours, when I am reading or watching a show
Loke Loke sit under the computer table 
Picture taken in 2010
*Our most precious time together*

 This is her place, at the left sit on the sofa, "I always reserved this space only for you Loke Loke".

                                        " Mama, i want to sit by your side "  


From silently looking_ to resting down by my side while i am busy with my stuff. Always layed a mat for her to rest.

                                                     ''TWO intelligent sweet heart''

                                                          Happy and smile
Loke Loke she always waited faithfully, for me to call to her to sit
with me all these years.
This picture makes me cry (tears), the last before her sudden goodbye, she looks exactly like this picture below

Caressed her with love, I really appreciate the time we had,  whenever she sit down with me on the sofa .

Her eye and the way she stare, penetrated right into my
heart  (so much love and trust).

She walked into the computer room with so much joy on her face! even knowing that she don't get to sit on my lap.
Picture taken 2011

 ( She is heavier too after a year from initial 3kg to 6 kg and the last is 7.5kg, i think the weight is just right for her breed)
Both  little angels eat food that i personally prepared for them. (The recipe are_ Oat, green veges, olive oil and chicken _organic_ or beef , combination). The cost of the food actually don't cost much in fact, just need time and love. That is why their blood test reported best result always. I fed them with spoon all the time, as all the combination are all well blended and cooked.That is why i said _time, patience and love. Everyday she is so happy waiting for my home cooked food (for the family), every meal i always thought of her in my mind, even when each time i did my grocery purchased. she just love my cooking! that is why i always cooked chicken, fish and bitter gourd which are her favourite! low sea salt and no MSG..If when my cooking is rather spicy or salty that day, then i will fed her the chicken blended with oat (ready cooked) the official food! for my angels.
Loke Loke always so disappointed when each time that happened ha ha ha
She will always run to the master bed room and hide herself under the bed, whenever she knew that I am going to fed her, she waited each time for me to come to her at the right side corner under the bed__maybe this is one way, she felt love. She will slowly walked to me then slowly bow down to me, which i don't want but that is her from the beginning. Each time whenever i called out to her she will come in that mannered, HONESTLY it hurts me to see her bowing to me, (I guess must be something to do with her unknown past, been trained to bow!! ?? oh my god_) but i learned to accept it slowly and sometimes i will caress her head with  love before i carry her out to the hall to feed her, she don't like_ official food the oat chicken blended recipe_ but very obediently eat it each time i fed her with a spoon.
#Sometimes, both of them will eat by themselves like cooked cube beef or cooked cube chicken liver place it on a plate.
Loke Loke is my best companion daily whenever i am having my meals, will sure share some with her most of the time. Zoe is not interested in food, so she will be far away whenever i am having my meals may be only sometimes she will come to me. By the way i am so glad, as this gave me more time to be with my beautiful girl. Loke Loke she loves to eat fish the most, and vegetables. I share with her fruits too, like durian, rambutan and mangostin all this are her favourite! we both really so HAPPY, she is my best food buddy ever, we both enjoy most of the good food together most of the time. I love you, Loke Loke.
 Every each time when  she got her goodies (any of her favourite food) given to her when i am having my meals, she will graciously turn and run back to the room where she have her secret place to enjoy her goodies. The way she turn and the way she run (very gracious and i can sense her joy in her heart)  every of her typical movement and respond, will always remained in my memory. She will always have enough. We are not rich elite people, but we have no financial debts and  we live abundantly through God blessings each days
. The thing she really scared is thunder storm and shouting when Benny and me involved in an arguments, because of his gambling habit in secret which causes a lot of unhappiness at times. Other then this_we really have a very happy life.
That is why the day when she leave me ~the saddest sudden goodbye (tears....)~ to a better eternal place in God grace, _ I place all my faith in Jesus Christ our Lord_. 
Suddenly i have lost my appetite totally. My taste bud gone for a whole week, everything i tried to eat even for the best food tasted so bad, immediately lost 4kg in a few days. I just drink milk just to stop my stomach hunger reaction to my body but no taste at all whatever. "I will always keep you inside my heart little darling girl, miss you a lot, a lot and a lot. I love you, very  much".

                        ~*SWEET MEMORIES AT HOME*~

Helloooo, my beautiful girl!

Curious looking at something ?

                                                       You  so sweet my dearrrr....

                                     She so relax.......

                                                                Loke Loke &  Zoe

                                     ''mama you taking a picture for me? I am not ready but is ok"


                                              "Hi.....I am Loke Loke"

                               " She never sweat any stuff not only the little stuff, I learned from her instead".

                               ''Ahhhhh I want a piece of cheese cake''

                                            ''YUMMY! but the real cake is in mama hand"

A short video_My Beautiful Girl


Loke Loke was having her menstrual, feeling tired. Comforted her with love.
Layered the sofa with extra cloth and bed sheet, we was at a homestay(2012 video)


 Well, when can i have this look from you again Loke Loke?_ you make me tears.

While i watch a show and painting my nails at home, Loke Loke quietly sat on me.
Two little angels ''Merry Christmas''.

Every Christmas she is most happy! roast turkey.

God blessed me two beautiful angels, THANKS.

                               (2013) "Good morning..morning hug pls"

                   Do i need a reading glass so soon mama?? ha ha

Loke Loke chubby face, taken with the ''FOOK'' word
behind her the ''ying liu tree'' on CNY 2011.

  Loke Loke the first, to test sit on mama newly bought reading chair!

  This beautiful eye of her, will deeply implanted in my heart forever.

This sit is officially reserved for my beautiful girl,
                               Loke Loke
Loke Loke always sat on my left side accompany me whenever I am on my sofa, while i enjoy some TV shows/news or reading some books. I like to caress her beautiful soft and smooth silky hair from head to her entire back slowly, she love it so much and she will always turned her head and face slightly to the side laying on the sit, for me to kiss her face. She love to sleep with me and if i ignored her once in a blue moon, she  became so sad.
                                                                BED TIME
                                              " time to ready for bedddddd"

There are too many to write about for all the happiness that we shared, i felt lonely without her by my side now and the worse is in the morning when i woke up_she will automatically came into my thoughts. Every morning the first thing i did is to walked to the window and called out to my two angels, she will be running to me fast with joy in her face. I will carry her and we gave thanks together to God The Almighty, for the beautiful day that God have blessed.
                                    *~We travel together~*
Loke Loke always jumped with full joy! whenever there is an outing.
 Together we have traveled to quite many places.She recognised her luggage (black in color) and always anticipated every outing event with much excitement and joy. The back sit in the car is reserved for her whenever there is an outing or travelling, as Zoe she always stick to me like a glue inside the car. When we past by some nice beautiful places i always wane down the car window, Loke Loke will walked to the  front sit and stand on my lap to looked out from the window (she love that so much).
At Sebana with my Loke Loke

 Penang, cafe near love lane street
The lady boss is very friendly.

With my baby at Sebana
She look out and waited patiently for her mama to return while
inside the car.

Dinner at Portuguese Village in Malacca, Loke Loke and Zoe

Hotel  arrival
Next is the lodging issue_ when we arrived at any hotels, she just know what is next and she is very intelligent. We have no choice because in Malaysia you can hardly find any pet friendly hotel, as this is a Muslim majority country. Her black luggage came in handy, she will jump in and hide herself inside. She will not make a noise nor move, then we will checked in to the hotel and the most heart beat moment is when inside the lift, if there are other guest inside. We always tried to avoid this kind of situation. I will never forget one incident took place inside the lift, there is a Japanese man sharing the same lift with us that early morning and Loke Loke move a little inside the luggage suddenly, which never happen before. The Japanese man looked around and while that happen Benny and me was so worried. Benny instantly became a total different person, he make some sound "hem hem hem" and start talking to me to distract the Japanese man_this reminded me of Hachiko movie, where Richard Gere took little Hachiko on board the public bus, the same thing Richard Gere did on the bus to distract the passenger beside him as Hachi move inside the luggage. Now thinking back the situation really makes me laugh and really funny. She is so good in discerning what she supposed to do inside the hotel room, she did all her pee and poo inside the bathroom always_so intelligent! she never make any noise.
When we going out from the hotel she would do the same, jump in the luggage and off we move. She is so wonderful and leave behind many many sweet memories in my mind..(just cant control my tears now..)
         " Hi, Loke Loke"

 Zoe jumped up on the side table, knowing that we are getting ready to go out. She is telling me ''I am ready'', ha ha.
 Loke Loke just love nature so much_ the smell of trees and grass, Zoe hardly ever catch up with her when she run free. She is the big sister for Zoe and leaded her in mostly everything on every trips and adventure. Zoe tried her best to catch up with Loke Loke from behind each time and i noticed that she always slow down for Zoe, they will run together so happily.

Sniffing and running around at GununBrichang the air was so cooling and so refreshing!
At Gunung Brinchang Cameron Highland, Loke Loke & Zoe have so much fun hunting around!



 Zoe run and jump with so much joy! Caught this moment
of Lifetime in this picture.

Zoe girl, relaxed at the beautiful sandy beach of Desaru while
waiting for her turn to jump into the sea!
                                                                                     Zoe run so fast on the sand.
She love to eat beef, lamp, fish, KFC and fruits during travelling plus along with her happy characteristic really added so much happiness on each single trip we have together. Places we went  together are Malacca, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Fraser Hill, Kuala Selangor, Desaru Beach in Johor Bahru, Sebana in Johor Bahru, Muar, Batu Pahat, Kota Tinggi, Pontian, Kukup, Ipoh, Cameron Highland and some small town i cant remember ...also some pet friendly restaurants.
 They both always together, became the centre of attraction around the crowd_at Jonker Street, Malacca.
A journalist asked permission from me to snap their picture that day.
At Ipoh, waiting for our Ipoh  famous chicken rice.

Celebrating my birthday, a trip  to Penang in the hotel room together with my angels.

From this picture screen, Right is Zoe and left is Loke Loke 
 "I really like this cafe in Penang, snap a pic for me mama "

Zoe, is Loke Loke best sister

Having our lunch at Feringgi Beach Cafe, they both enjoy their
special fry chicken without salt! 
Going back home

On October 2013 last year, We went back home to my hometown in Johor Bahru. Zoe and Loke Loke finally reached home_to their home sweet home. They sniff around the house as almost a year we did not went back.  I need to hired two guys to cleaned my whole house really dirty and a lot of luggage's need to be uploaded, all that i did it by myself. My two angels and me we really sleep zzzz well that night especially after the long journey and cleaning up.
We have very relaxed kind of life back home, until my brother children school holiday on December 2013, his two children came to our house almost every day and i always cooked good delicious food to make the kids happy. They love to play and hug Zoe and Loke Loke so much hahaha.
One day i discovered Loke Loke skin have some red black spot and she felt itchy, Zoe too have itchiness on her skin. So i bought Zoe to a vet nearby for treatment that was almost end of December. The next day, i also send Loke Loke for treatment too. When came home after a week from the treatment Zoe always have watery stool,  beside that she still eat and running actively. After few days her stool is back to normal the same issue happened to Loke Loke but Loke Loke stool improve  pretty fast and she is very active, strong and big in built.
(Back then i don't know what is parvo and never heard of it, thinking back now i wonder the parvo on Loke Loke is it got it from the J.B. vet as a lot of dog came in and out from a vet clinic right? and another possibility is on the road side when we travel on the 20th of Jan 2014_ i use to let them down to wee wee at the side of empty field, i really don't know where and when she got the parvo virus attacked is so hard to guessed and figure out as this virus can be in anywhere particularly on grass and soil or places that have parvo contact before according to the website that i read).
On early Jan 2014, I was sick for almost 12 days back home and eventually turned worst . My heart became very very weak that i couldn't even eat and hardly walk around for five days. One night Loke Loke came so near to me on the bed looking at me in the dark for so long and with so much love in her eye, I am so touched. I have the urged to let her know these words that have been kept inside my heart for so long  ''I am so sorry i leave you behind for a month at mama brother place once,  mama have some very personal issue occurred in mama life to deal with at that time, i promised you_ this will not happen again Loke Loke, no matter what happen_ Loke Loke, Zoe and mama will always be together no matter what. I never thought before that you would love me so much Loke Loke. Even though i am not your first master but i can sense your love for mama so deep, I love you always_you my loveliest baby forever." I have a long and heart to heart conversation with her that moment, which i will never forget in my life.
 Later in the morning she followed me into the toilet when i was very ill, this is not her usual self. For all this years she never walk into my toilet at home. She really captured my heart fully.
One evening i have no idea what time, I can sense my beloved mother came to visit me on my bedside one night when my heart and body was very weak, again  i sensed that my dad came a long too_they both so happy with strong energy of joy all around them, that makes me wanted to follow them too but a tinkling touched from Zoe paw suddenly awaken me that i need to take care of them both, they still with me. I then told my beloved mom that " i cant bear to leave my two little girls, if I am gone who is going to take care of them? I don't want them to suffer when I am gone" my tears flows out then. Suddenly i felt so sleepy, when i woke up in the morning i felt much better and my strength seems to came back to me slowly~so amazing. Now, i really believe in soul and heaven.
When i was all fine, i plan to travel to K.L.on the 20th of January 2014 and Loke Loke was so happy jumping with JOY! least that i know is_ it is her last trip traveled with me (tears). No wonder the plate on the rack fell down hard against the floor hit so loud when I am ready to walked out from our home that day. God you have send a powerful messaged to me but i failed to discerned it! God, your love never failth.

  '' Mama always love and sayang you, forever''
Loke Loke, mama took so much courage, love and time to complete this most valuable post in memory of you, every pictures upload reminds me of all the sweetest memory of you is so hard on mama"_ tearsssss flowing out from my heart.
Be a good and happy girl in Jesus Christ arms OK.


"Can you see from heaven how much your litlle  sister miss you? Zoe really love you, Loke Loke".

 "When those days you with Zoe she smile wth joy!(left) and a week after your goodbye to us, we in Cameron Highland during CNY, Zoe never smile she is so sad  (right), how i wish you are with me which you suppose to be actually. Mama have faith in God, you are in a better place now".

video video
"Loke Loke dont be afraid of the thunder sound, because grace have save us all_mama wish to dedicate this two songs to you Loke Loke, through Jesus Mighty Name, amen".

''Loke Loke , your ashes will be with mama until In God timing, Zoe, mama and yours will blow out to the air of life together, hope mama be able to see you two in heaven through the Grace of Jesus Christ Our Lord''